The production department takes advantage of the most advanced technologies applied to technological polymers compounding. Our production capacity is stimulated by the ever increasing demand from our customers and has constantly grown over the years. This growth is still continuing and is stimulated, among other things, by the extraordinary flexibility and reliability of all equipment paralleled, of course, by the contribution of highly efficient and qualified personnel. The UNI EN ISO 9002 certification obtained has certainly optimised all working phases, enabling our company to apply the most scrupulous strictness to the slightest details. A large warehouse structured to meet the different production levels guarantees the best product stocking procedures together with the most rational location methods and enables the fastest order despatch times.


25067 Lumezzane S.A. (BS) Italy
Via P. Ghidini 6
Tel. 030.827396 - Fax 030.8921006

25020 Flero (BS) Italy
Via E. Fermi, 41
Tel. 030.3580772/3 - Fax 030.3580915