Serraino Tecnopolimeri has been active in the compounds industry for over thirty years. From the very beginning our entrepreneurial efforts have been directed towards a state-of-the-art production, whilst paying constant attention to innovation in the materials' working systems and to the renewal of equipment, thus continually increasing efficiency. These methods, combined with research, are aimed at the attainment of Serraino technological polymers' total quality. Experience and commitment, therefore, are our answer to a continually evolving market and to a customer base whose requirements are increasingly specific, thus needing tailor-made solutions. Nowadays Serraino Tecnopolimeri has a 5000 sq. m. factory's including the production area, the warehouse, the research and quality control laboratory and the offices, together with a 3000 sq. m. external area.


25067 Lumezzane S.A. (BS) Italy
Via P. Ghidini 6
Tel. 030.827396 - Fax 030.8921006

25020 Flero (BS) Italy
Via E. Fermi, 41
Tel. 030.3580772/3 - Fax 030.3580915